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Acart is Canada’s premier supplier of storage solutions for the healthcare industry. The company specializes in stocking innovative, high-quality products that are both long-lasting and reasonably priced. The healthcare markets Acart serves include critical and acute care, long-term care, private clinics and primary care, and medical labs

Acart was established in 1981 and has been owned and operated by Katie Flynn since 2019 after succeeding her father, the company’s co-founder, Dick Flynn. The company’s warehouse and operations are based in Ontario, supported by a team that works closely with local highly experienced representatives all across Canada.

In a world where the product purchase journey is becoming increasingly impersonal, Acart has continuously focussed on putting people first. The company’s inside support and fulfilment team works closely with local representatives all over Canada to ensure each health unit has the best product and service available in the market. This point of difference is then complemented by the company’s easy-to-use online shop, super-fast shipping, competitive quotes, on-site assembly services and bespoke design services.

Our Products

Our dynamic range of products includes isolation carts, crash carts, case carts, procedure carts, mayo tables, baskets, bins, cabinets, shelving, tables, sinks, casters, wheels, label holders, label tags, storage planning solutions and more. In addition to our highly dependable Acart in-house line of products, we carry some of today’s top healthcare brands such as Mac Medical, Pegasus, R&B and Rubbermaid.

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Meet the A-Team

Sale Representatives


Dorina Maselli (Quebec)
Gilles C. Lapierre (Central and Eastern Ontario)
Dave Fullerton (Southwestern Ontario)
Bruce Sheppard (Northern Ontario)

Reid Kenyon (Manitoba/Saskatchewan)
Greg Thompson (Alberta)
Jamie Bragg (Maritimes)
Jamie Rikley (British-Columbia)

Inside Staff


Marina Ramnath, General Manager 
Katie Flynn, President

Cristina Coniglio, Inside Sales Specialist
Van Ninh, Ordering and Database Specialist 
Syamala Virasamy, Senior Customer Service (Maritimes & Western Provinces) and Inventory Specialist


Doug Lowrey, Fulfillment Team Lead 
Shanil Charles, Fulfillment Team Member 
Rajber Chohan, Accounting Associate 

Sydney Shiels, Logistics Coordinator 
Asuka Lapierre, Marketing Specialist 
Marta Kawa, Marketing Specialist