Extra Large Cubicle Wall Clamps, 2-Pack


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This clamp kit is intended for use with Luxor DIV-series Acrylic Sneeze Guards in the 24”, 30”, and 48” widths. Following are use cases where these clamps are needed:

  • Installation of a DIVWT Clamp-On Cubicle Wall Extender on a cubicle wall that exceeds the maximum 2.13” clamp range of the standard cubicle wall clamps
  • Conversion of a DIVCL Clamp-On Acrylic Desk Divider or DIVTT Freestanding Tabletop Sneeze Guard to a cubicle wall extender

Choose the 2-pack (DIVCLWT-2XL) for 24”, 30", and 48” panels. Choose the 3-pack (DIVCLWT-3XL) for 60” panels.