Happy Pride Month ūüĆą How Acart Celebrates Diversity

Happy Pride Month How Acart Celebrates Diversity


Acart is happy to celebrate Pride month and the diversity that exists in our company's community. Every person has a right to feel safe in their work environments no matter how you identify so that everyone will be treated as equals.

We are happy to have a diverse and inclusive team as well as work alongside individuals of so many backgrounds. One of our Core Values is respect which means we appreciate how we are all individually different and we encourage each other to express ourselves authentically.

In the month of May, Acart has started sending out a Wellness Newsletter to promote the wellbeing of our internal staff. We aim to create a corporate culture where we promote the importance of mental health. We acknowledge that those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community are more at risk so we hope to encourage those who are a part of the community to keep looking after their mental health and provide those supports.

Happy Pride month and all the love from the Acart team!

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