Acart's Donation for Ukraine

In September 2022 Acart donated carts to the Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program (CUSAP). These carts were flown to Czeladz, Poland where the surgical team used them while treating victims that were affected by the [ongoing] war in Ukraine. The medical workers were in need of a lot of equipment to assist in their efforts - our carts helped the registered nurses to transport surgical supplies from the warehouse to the hospital.  


This donation was organized by the Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program (CUSAP) under the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. This foundation was created to organize and deliver assistance to projects that are produced by Canadians which are directed to Ukraine and Ukrainians throughout Canada.

The CUSAP is a initiative that is backed by volunteers, supporters and donors throughout Canada. In September the program set out to administer complex reconstructive surgical care to victims of the war. This mission could not be possible without the support of volunteers and various donations from companies. 

According to an article that was published on the Canada-Ukraine Foundation:

"Over $1.5 million dollars of equipment and supplies were donated from major companies. Volunteers provided warehouses, physical and monetary support allowing the team to transport over 14,000 tons of medical supplies and equipment."

If you are interested in helping out the Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program, you can donate by clicking this link

Acart was featured in a video made by the Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program. Check it out below to see the list of donors.





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