Thank you for your contribution Robert!

Friday April 21st, 2023

After 13 wonderful years, we want to wish Robert Cullen a happy retirement! Though we bring this news with heavy hearts, we are thankful for the contributions you've made and the impacts you've had on everyone at Acart. The joy that you brought to the workplace has been unparalleled and so we wish you all the best in your future.



To commemorate your time here at Acart, we have gathered words and pictures from those who have had the pleasure of walking alongside you and would like to share them to showcase your impact here:

"Happy retirement Robert!  May your sump pumps last forever."

- Jamie

"Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy! It’s been great working with you!"
- Dorina 
"You will definitely be missed. Best wishes on your retirement."
- Marina
"Wishing Robert happiness beyond retirement! Thanks for the fun and wisdom you have shared to us!"
- Cristina

"Robert was always good at finding solutions when things looked like there were not possible. That is true for both business related issues and product solving issues. He taught me to look at things in a calm mind and look at all options. I really liked is relaxed approach!"

- Gilles


You’re a great mentor and an inspirational leader. Our team very fortunate to be led by you. I will miss your special homemade goodies  

- Syamala 😊


"Words can’t express my gratitude for Robert’s support when I took over the business. His sage advice and incredible work ethic are second to none, and we always had a laugh. Enjoy every moment of your well-deserved retirement Robert!"

- Katie

"Dearest Robert:
We have worked together for an incredibly long time. Back in the day when working through Assoc. Health Systems to the current more direct manor. Spanning over 15 year!! The crazy part is that we have spent very little time together working in person!!
Its been nothing but a pleasure to rely on your knowledge and guidance throughout all the AB projects big and small.
It started way back at the Old Childrens Hospital, commenced through pretty much every significant and not so significant city and towns across the province of AB. Acart footprint is massive in AB and its thanks to you and the work that you and Dick completed before my arrival. 
Blessed to have collaborated with you. The only regret is that we should have shared more beers or scotch together.
Enjoy the step back and away from Carts and all things to do with hospitals.
Stay well and happy on this next part of your life."
- Greg
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