We Celebrate the Women of Acart

A message from our President:

International Women’s Day is a special time to pause and reflect on the success and challenges that women encounter every day. Like most women I wear many hats and one of my most important is leading Acart. Since taking over in 2019 I’ve prioritized elevating and promoting women to take on the leadership roles in our small/medium sized business; they were already instrumental in our growth but now receive well-earned recognition.

Over 70% of our full-time team are women, with 60% of them being 1st generation Canadians. These numbers show our investment in diversity and opportunity. This can be challenging as much if often expected domestically from women, notably caring for younger and older generations. Here at Acart we blend roles and responsibilities, understanding that- while being flexible and accommodating-  our customers are always the highest priority. We work diligently together to ensure our promises are met.

Thank you to the Acart women for making the company thrive and flourish and here’s to many more years of success.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Katie Flynn


"Happy International Women's Day" with flowers behind the text
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