When disaster strikes… we’re ready

When Disaster strikes
At Acart, partnership isn’t just a promise but a mindset. When one of our clients suddenly suffered a flood in their reprocessing department, compromising much of their equipment, we took the issue personally and did everything we could to remedy the situation.

We communicated regularly with our client to understand what equipment needed replacing and shipped the exact goods required within three weeks of learning about the flooding. This shipment included items that were secured from our network of backup sources, and we did not upcharge for the additional procurement services.

Our shipping service was almost too quick; the client needed a few extra days to finish preparing the department, so we held our equipment over in transit for the extra days required. The client also over-ordered a few items, which we accepted back as a credited return at no extra charge. During the entire transaction, our client knew they could reach out to us anytime for quick action and support.