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72"H Mobile Storage Cart

72"H Mobile Storage Cart


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SKU Dims & Door Type Weight Qty
APL-4.0EE-GD 21"Dx58"Wx72"H/ Glass Door 200.0 lb
APL-4.0EE-ND 21"Dx58"Wx72"H/ No Door 190.0 lb
APL-4.0EE-TD 21"Dx58"Wx72"H/ Tambour Door 195.0 lb
APL-4.0U-GD 29"Dx22"Wx72"H/ Glass Door 160.0 lb
APL-4.0U-ND 29"Dx22"Wx72"H/ No Door 150.0 lb
APL-4.0U-TD 29"Dx22"Wx72"H/ Tambour Door 155.0 lb
APL-4.0UU-GD 29"Dx38"Wx72"H/ Glass Door 200.0 lb
APL-4.0UU-ND 29"Dx38"Wx72"H/ No Door 190.0 lb
APL-4.0UU-TD 29"Dx38"Wx72"H/ Tambour Door 195.0 lb

All surfaces are made of polymers and therefore resistant to moisture. ABS top cover, PP bottom floor, PVC exterior walls. The entire inside compartment of the cart is easy to clean. Self-drainage floor for quick and easy cleaning. 5-inch (125mm) medical grade casters, non-marking rubber casters, including 2 swivels and 2 swivels with brakes. Full 360 degree wrap-around bumper. Improved dense tray capacity due to the use of high capacity interior side tilted panels.

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