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Mac Medical

Blanket Warmer, Dual Chamber

Blanket Warmer, Dual Chamber


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SKU Dimensions Door Style Weight Qty
DWC183064T-4B 30"W X 20.5"D X 64.75"H Solid 375.0 lb
DWC243074T 74.5 X 30 X 26.5 Solid 465.0 lb
DWC243074T-G 74.5 X 30 X 26.5 Glass 465.0 lb

The D-series (data logging) warming cabinets provide independent, digitally controlled heating chambers that offer actual temperature and set points displays. Data is automatically recorded every 30 minutes and stored internally for up to two years. Easy Log integrated data logger with removable USB. Keyed temperature lock out. Rapid warm time (2-6 hours depending on load). Push button digital operation. Large digital display(s). Fully insulated to provide uniform heating. Audible and visual over-temp alarm.

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