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Chrome Wire Shelving Unit 24"D, 5-Tier, Starter Unit

Chrome Wire Shelving Unit 24"D, 5-Tier, Starter Unit


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SKU Dimensions Weight Price Qty
415CH 24"D x 24"W x 74"H 59.0 lb $357.44
418CH 24"D x 24"W x 86"H 66.0 lb $376.54
435CH 24"D x 36"W x 74"H 78.0 lb $385.00
438CH 24"D x 36"W x 86"H 85.0 lb $346.73
455CH 24"D x 48"W x 74"H 95.0 lb $505.27
458CH 24"D x 48"W x 86"H 102.0 lb $433.25
465CH 24"D x 60"W x 74"H 119.0 lb $631.97
468CH 24"D x 60"W x 86"H 126.0 lb $514.42
475CH 24"D x 72"W x 74"H 146.0 lb $720.13
478CH 24"D x 72"W x 86"H 153.0 lb $578.42

Shelves are adjustable on 1-inch increments and come in a wide selection of sizes to suit every application. Compatible with most round post designs. Chrome plus finish, excellent for all hospital applications. Posts can be ordered without leveling leg for stem caster applications.

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